Item Coversheet
Agenda Report
C i t y  of  K a l a m a z o o

TO:Mayor Hopewell, Vice Mayor Cooney, and City Commissioners
FROM:James K. Ritsema, ICMA-CM, City Manager
REVIEWED BY:James J. Baker, PE, Public Services Director and City Engineer
PREPARED BY:Wendy Burlingham, Administrative Support Manager
SUBJECT:Curbside Recycling Service 910-27-016.0

It is recommended that the City Commission approve a ten year contract for residential single stream recycling services with Republic Services of Kalamazoo in the amount of $4,596,111.95.    

Staff have been evaluating services provided through the solid waste program and found that it would be cost effective to convert to bi-weekly single stream recycling rather than remaining weekly dual stream.  In addition to the cost savings, single stream recycling will allow residents to increase the amount of material being diverted from landfills by being provided larger containers for their recyclables.  It will be easier to wheel the cart to the curb and more convenient as they will no longer have to sort their materials.  It will improve the appearance of the City by containing the items in a cart with a lid and protect the recyclables from the elements to ensure marketable materials.  


In May 2017, Purchasing advertised an invitation for bids for subscription bi-weekly single stream recycling.  Bids were opened on June 8 2017, with Republic Services being the low responsive bidder.  This recommendation will permit conversion to subscription single stream recycling in October 2017.  The City will work closely with the cart vendor and contractor to properly promote and educate our residents through the transition and ensure a successful program.  


Staff will continue to evaluate solid waste services and frequencies including the recently reduced bulk program to seek out options that meet the needs of our community and ensure State compliance.      


Public input was sought out in 2015 via survey to all residents of the City of Kalamazoo.  Of 391 residents who responded 237 supported the conversion to single stream recycling.


Funding for this contract is available in the City’s Solid Waste Budget.


The City could choose to no longer provide solid waste services but the millage and services were voted in place by City residents.

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